Our Story

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It all started when

My grandfather was a hobbyist photographer. My father was a pro photographer who traveled the world over with inspiring images. I was so caught up in photographs and movies that I could not get enough of the stories they told. At a very young age, I was given a still image camera and a movie camera as presents. I took many 'hands on' classes, worked at a studio under a Master Photographer and progressed my vision of storytelling. Both mediums have amazing qualities and are truly fulfilling.


I would describe my style of storytelling as a blend of documentary and cinematic. This approach lets each moment unfold naturally and artistically brings together a personalized story. I prefer an unobtrusive approach. My filming uses various cameras, lenses and a candid perspective. My editing is clean with enhancements to color and audio for a timeless look and quality. 


My other passions are family, photography, traveling, the arts and sports. I am not much for sweets, so your wedding cake is safe. I bring a positive outlook with an easy going personality and a 'can do' approach. I am honored to have filmed and photographed weddings and publications for 17+ years.

It would be my pleasure to work with you on your wedding day!

All the best,